MP 651-K Modular CO2 pistol (BB-gun)

$89.00 $119.00


CO2 modular pistol for plinking. Original and modern style, attractive price and modular design make this pistol very popular and affordable for various users.

Owing to detachable stock, forearm-shaped dummy barrel and “submachine gun” styled attachments the owner can easily convert the gun appearance into: pistol, stock added pistol, rifle w/o stock, rifle or submachine-gun.

Tough cast aluminium-alloy frame. Magazine, backsight leaf and grip are crafted of shockproof plastic.

High-capacity magazine and quick-change rotary cylinder enable shooting either BBs or pellets assisted by 12 g CO2 cylinder. The barrel guard is equipped with a dovetail ledge for mounting of additional accessories such as a lamp, laser target pointer etc.

Original stock-mounted periscope sight makes aiming smooth and easy.

MP-651К is a handy pistol with perfect patterning and dependable design.